Terms and Conditions

Important Information related to COVID-19:

Due to the events related to COVID-19, Fiesta Balloon Art decorations and product delivery services have had to be adapted in order to abide and follow current provincial and city guidelines due to the pandemic.


All deliveries will be left at the front door of the home or office space. All indoor decorations will be done under the same guidelines and principles. Our team will follow COVID-19 guidelines, social distancing, and disinfecting practices to ensure the safety of both our clients and our teams are respected.  



Contract Policies- Terms and Conditions 


Please take a moment to go over our terms and conditions before placing your order. 


  • Fiesta Balloon Art works directly with different balloon brand distributors. This is done to ensure the premium quality of the balloons we use to create our pieces that include latex and micro foil balloons. We do not work with third-party resellers and we only work with biodegradable latex balloons. 


  • Fiesta Balloon Art does not support the common social media trend of releasing helium balloons into the environment. All our balloon bunches are firmly attached to weights to prevent any accidental release. 


  •  Fiesta Balloon Art requires that all styled balloon decorations be ordered at least two weeks before the date of the event. If you wish to place an order outside of that timeframe, please contact our team to inquire about availability and book your date. 


  • All balloon decorations styled by Fiesta Balloon Art for events will have a pre-arranged delivery date and set up time that will be coordinated directly with the client prior to the day of the event. Our team can accommodate changes to the arranged date/time in the event that the new date/time does not conflict with another scheduled event. 


  • Fiesta Balloon Art surprise balloon bouquets and balloon bunches do not have a fixed delivery time. We are only able to offer evening deliveries at this time from Monday to Friday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Delivery during the weekend would be from Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM or from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 


  • Helium gas is not flammable; however, it should not be inhaled by either adults or children. 


  • Avoid placing any latex balloon arrangements in front of air conditioning, heat pumps, electrical heating systems etc. Temperature changes may cause them to pop. Both latex and micro foil balloons are sensitive to temperature, cold air causes them to deflate and hot air causes the air to expand. Please ensure the balloons are kept in the area our team suggested at the time of delivery.


  • When latex balloons are placed directly in the sun the material slowly degrades. This is the normal degradation process as latex balloons are biodegradable. During this process, the balloon colour might start to change after a couple of hours. If there is a lot of heat this may cause the balloon to pop. 


  • Do not leave any balloon decorations in your car. The heat inside the car will damage the piece. 


  • Fiesta Balloon Art does not recommend placing balloon decorations outside where the sun will directly hit it. This will affect the decoration after a few hours of exposure. Instead, we recommend placing them after a shaded area to guarantee its shape and colour palette. 


  • Helium latex balloons normally last between 15 - 48 hours depending on the temperature condition and the treatment they receive. The micro foil balloons may last between 5 days to 10 days depending on the temperature condition and the treatment they receive. 


  • Fiesta Balloon Art requires clients to provide the exact address for all balloon styling deliveries. In the event that the decoration of the balloon bouquet is delivered to the wrong address because the client failed to provide all the information, the client will be charged for the extra costs incurred. 


  • If the client decides to personally pick up the decorations directly from our studio, Fiesta Balloon Art will not be held responsible for the post condition once it's picked up (this includes but is not limited to: balloons popping during transportation, sun exposure, poor handling of the bouquets, etc.) Please be mindful that depending on the style requested, the sizes can vary, and you may need an extra big vehicle to move some of our creations. 


  • Latex and micro foil balloons should be properly discarded once they are popped or have deflated. Keep away from children and pets as they may cause harm/choking if ingested. 


  • Micro foil balloons can transmit electricity. DO NOT release them, bring them close to power lines, or electric panels. This could cause a major power outage. Fiesta Balloon Art will not be responsible for any issues related to the poor management of balloons at the client’s location. 


  • You must notify Fiesta Balloon Art if you or the person you are surprising has any latex allergies before the design is complete.


  • Fiesta Balloon Art is responsible for setting up balloon decorations at the client’s request. Fiesta Balloon Art is not responsible if the client decides to move, change, alter, or remove it from one place into another one and damages occur. We will not be held accountable for any damages caused by latex. 


  • The client is responsible for providing Fiesta Balloon Art all the pertinent information in regard to the decoration. This includes the colour, size, style, celebration type, etc. Before a decoration takes place, the client will agree to a design mock up with clear specifications and style dimensions. 


  • Fiesta Balloon Art will take pictures, and videos of our styled products to be used as marketing and social media promotions. We will not include any picture of the client unless the client wishes to be included. If you do not agree with the publication of these images, please notify us before the images are taken.


  • Fiesta Balloon Art can arrange and postpone deliveries in the event that the client becomes unavailable. In that case, a new delivery date will need to be arranged for the next business day. We are not responsible for any changes to the style that may occur during that timeframe.


  • Fiesta Balloon Art is not able to offer any refunds at this time for any canceled orders or previously arranged decorations. Depending on the situation Fiesta Balloon Art will deal directly with the client as costs related to materials, stock and staff have often already been incurred before the scheduled delivery/set up date. 


  • Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this contract will result in a canceled order. Fiesta Balloon Art is not responsible for any damages once the bouquets are delivered or decorations have been set up.



Thank you very much for choosing Fiesta Balloon Art. If you agree with our terms and conditions, please proceed with your purchase. Let us know if you have any questions or require any clarification. 



Delivery Fees

Fiesta Balloon Art offers delivery for all Balloon Styling Services. The fee will depend on the size, handling, and set up required for each piece and the location of where it's going.


Our balloon studio is not open to the public at this moment so we are unable to offer pick-up service at this time. 


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns in terms of your order. 




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